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Free Money

Money Money

This ATM is actually the same in the previous one but now it does not need  charles to use but only fiddler! 

Tools :
SWF File

     ATM EXP
     Level ATM
     Auto Mission
     Gold ATM

Steps To Follow:
  • Open Ninja Saga And Play
  • Then Open Fiddler 
  • Drag "ninja_association.swf" File
  • Then Goto Headquarters!
  • Then Use This Code To Sign In : 63978DCB04
  • Then , Choose Anything You Want To!
  • Enjoy!
Existing AT Feature this cheat:

Here you will gain EXP, you enter in column Exp
Exp 1 = 1 million,
Exp 2 = 2 million,
3 = 3 million Exp, etc.

In the delay you can change it to speed up the process, but should not be changed so that no error will occur.

2. Level ATM

This is where you increase the level, so do not count the amount of exp you need to climb to the next level. Here delay can also be changed (but should not be changed).

3. Auto Mission

trouble if you do a mission, you can use this cheat to get it done but you must know the code that mission.
How to use:

     Write code and then click Exchange mission

3. Gold ATM

This is where you guys to get the gold. if you fill one in the gold column means you will get 100,000 Gold. and so on ..

Note: I did not really know the main Creator of this hack so I can't put the credits! (:

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  1. Ayie71 says:


  2. kemek says:

    cheat body, weapon and newbie permanent please brooo

  3. thanks man , thanks for all :D ... remain so :D
    are the best hackers :)

  4. Unknown says:

    after i enter paas and press enter it ddoes'nt open anyone tell me hoe to open..........

  5. Unknown , Just Copy Paste The Code .

  6. Bloger says:

    Great , please make an instant skill learning hack

  7. yudha says:

    i thik this hack editoring my state indonesia... Ini adalah editan dari indonesia... Maju indonesia

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