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New Saga Cheat Ninja GoldCheat ATM Gold [Gold Bank]This cheat
Gold adds to your course, click on "Start" button and you get gold
every 16 
Simply ....
This cheat only work for Level 20 - 60.

NOTE: Gold gained depending your level. The higher the levelGold gained more and more!

Enjoy Cheating !
Credit:GKs Sasuke

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8 Responses so far.

  1. X.M.K.R says:

    Thanks Man it's really work =D
    Please can you make a new update for token hack or TP hack please

  2. You are the greatest , all you hacks are working you are a king man, all what you have done is great , but if you cant create a token hack please

  3. raul says:

    thnx man.. but like the two comments here... please make a TP and Token hacks.. please... im beggin.. anyway thnx.. again.. very much!!

  4. wong says:

    make a token hack and TP hack

  5. vlada99 says:

    where are start button

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