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Download swf file For S
tage 1  -1
At Megaupload:
At Mediafire:

Download swf file for Stage 1 - 2

At Mediafire --
At 4Share--

Download swf file for Stage 2-1

At Mediafire --

Download swf file for Stage 2 - 2

At Mediafire --

Download SWF file for Stage 3 - 1

Download swf file for  Stage 3 - 2
At Mediafire --

Download swf file for Stage 4 - 1
At Mediafire --

Download swf file for Stage 4 - 2
At Mediafire --

Download swf file for Stage 5 - 1
At Ziddu --

Download swf file for Stage 5 - 2

Download swf file for Stage 6 - 1
At Ziddu --

Download swf file for Stage 6 - 2
At Ziddu --

Download swf file for Stage 6 - 3 Final
At Mediafire --


*Open ninja saga
*Open Fiddler2
*Throw the files in fiddler2
*Clear Browsing Data
*Click Tensai Special Jounin
*Do the mission
*is a simple way just watch the video but in video is only part 1 like video you can do and part 2

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Credit To : Klaudio_Albania_Hacker & Kristi_ALB_Hacker

39 Responses so far.

  1. Dude you rock, could you make one fol coin and emblems? I'm tired of being the noob between my friends. EPIC

  2. klaudio says:


  3. XxHanNxX says:

    can u teach me how to hack ninja saga emblem ???
    i'm bored of being the noob between my friends..
    thanks... haihh

  4. Facuu says:

    Can you make one for money and emblem pls??

  5. nabboot says:

    you are really the boss over here

  6. Share cheat TP permanen donk gan !!!!
    n klw bisa share cheat EMpires & Alies Gan

  7. shai says:

    Upload for mission 4

  8. Satanis says:

    on stage 2 none of these are working.

  9. shai says:

    Can you please fix the one for chapter 3 stage 2

  10. for you not work because when clear browsing data ... and do missions click and save in fiddler2

  11. Fitsou says:

    Chapter 3 stage 2 not working....

  12. ElCucado says:

    the 5-2 they must be the 5-1. becuase where is the 5-1 please upload the part 5-2

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.
  14. thnxs........very much.......ur the most unbelievable...hacker in the world of ninja saga........

  15. Bleddy says:

    hahah te gjitha te vjedhme i ke keto hack qe ben

  16. alex says:

    Stage 5-2 is the same file from step 6-1 correct it please. thanks

  17. Akai says:

    Stage 2-2 isn't working can you update it

  18. Bleddy .. ku e shikon ti qe jane te gjitha te vjerdhura .. ahahha mos me bej te qesh tani ... kur nuk dini gje nga ninja saga dhe si nxiret swf file nga ninja saga mos flisni .. une ri 24 ne 24 ore ne pc vetem per keto hacket ti me thua te gjitha te vjedhura ... ri deri ne 4 te mengjezit vetem per keto ... ok se po ashtu nuk i nxirja fare une ... i ke te vjedhura thote ... po ike ore se zdi gje ti se si ta nxjeresh filen nga ninja saga dhe qe e modifikon pastaj

  19. can u make hack for exam 6-2

  20. hasmine says:

    yes hack 6-2 but thanks to ur cheat....

  21. hasmine says:

    all ur hack work some just refresh and download gain....thanks more klaudio....ill wait the hack 6-2 ill subcribed ...ty,,,,

  22. klaudio flm per hack je i pari me hack se na merziti kjo saga ,po pls te lutem me thuaj nje hack per tp se kam mbetur keq pls te lutem,te bera dhe kerkese ne fb vasia milan pallari,pls pranome

  23. chapter 1-2 not workin

  24. XxBRAUxX says:

    thanks!!!! Downloading...

  25. Mk haiya says:

    wei,can you upload tensai jounin 6-3??? can please? :-)(I HOPE YOU DO IT!)

  26. ale says:
    This comment has been removed by the author.
  27. ale says:

    its work tonight

  28. ale says:

    it still work,,i just use it to my friend char

  29. hasmine says:

    hi i have stage 6-3 tensa exam swf...copy here..
    SWF Cheat File here open ur google crome then put this link> Ninja Saga Cheats: Special Tensai Jounin Exam Cheats - Instant mission)then click the first link thanks,,,,,

  30. Sasuke says:

    The stage 6-1 is same as 5-2 and it is does not do 6-1. Can you rectify it please? Thanks. You're awesome

  31. The hack does not work :c the game just stops -.-'

  32. lolzBoyz says: Special Jounin Instant justt go to the Special Jounin Icon then Mission Enjoy..!!

    add me if you want more hacks ..!!


  33. SOULEATER says:

    Part 4-1 invalid file or deleted. plsss. i wantt itt..

  34. SOULEATER says:

    Pleaseee.. I need itt :( YOU AWESOME . :)

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